Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Troy Skog Blog Tour and Giveaway

The Remnants Blurb:

Samuel Ellingstone, the King of Pendar is leading his army of men and dwarves into battle against the invading gnome hordes from the south who are bent on the ultimate destruction of Pendar. It is clear to Samuel that his army is facing defeat on the battlefield and begins to doubt that the towering granite walls that protect the city of Pendar may not even be enough to stop Orgle, the maniacal ruler of the gnomes, and the talisman he wields.

Prologue and Chapter  One

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By Shelley 5 Stars
Great read... It reminds me a little of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy... The battle scenes are very descriptive and put you right there in the middle of them. But not in a gruesome way... I would defintely recommend this.

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Author Bio

The directions on how to write my Amazon biography suggest telling my readers interesting details about myself. That left me scratching my mostly bald head trying to think of what folks would find interesting. I guess I'm a product of my Minnesota upbringing, I like to say "my lack of flare is my flare".

After high school and a couple of years at the local community college I spent an enlistment in the United States Air Force providing security for the air base before finishing up my B.S. in Engineering Technology and Geography at St. Cloud State University.

In my free time I enjoy a long run or a session in the weight room, nothing cures writers block like an early morning run on the weekend. Sunrises really are inspiring!

My beautiful wife, who is one of my biggest cheerleaders, calls me her man-child for my goofy sense of humor and how I act like one of our kids most of the time. I try to bring all these values and traits, that I find to be so important in my own life, to my characters in hopes that my readers can relate to them and immerse themselves into the story.

Hopefully this biography helps you, the reader, to get to know me just a little bit and gives you some background. Thanks for taking the time to let me tell you about myself.

Welcome to The Remnants, enjoy the adventure!

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