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JH Glaze Guest Stop featuring The Spirit Box!

First I wish to thank you for inviting me to write a guest blog post.  Although my blog tour is to promote my first book, The Spirit Box, I thought it would be interesting to tell you how my second book, NorthWest became a story that would ultimately be the sequel to The Spirit Box.

NorthWest began its life more than 10 years ago when one day, I found myself unemployed. I had scanned the newspapers and found a listing for a position as a limo driver. Thinking that might be a cool job, and the tips might be significant, I made copies of my resume and headed out to try to get a few interviews.

Unfortunately, after my first interview, I lost the newspaper containing the ad. I seemed to remember the address of the place for the limo driver position, so rather than head home; I made an attempt to find the address. As I was walking down a main street in downtown Atlanta, I saw a place that had several limos parked around it.

I assumed that was the place, even though there were no signs, so I went in to see if I could talk to someone about the job. As I walked through the door, I was standing in a room full of men in dark suits, deeply involved in some kind of meeting. They didn’t notice me and I felt strange about the situation, so I just turned around and left.

As I was walking down the sidewalk toward the train station, my imagination kicked in. I imagined that these guys could have been gangland types. Then, I thought, what if they had seen me? What if they came after me and I had to run to the train station? When I entered the station, I saw a bridge that spanned the tracks and a train was just pulling out.

I thought, what if I were being chased by those guys and had to jump on top of that train to escape, and what if they followed me home? The ideas just kept coming, if I had to leave town where would I go?

By the end of the day I had built quite a story in my head; a story that I never did anything with, until I started writing NorthWest. As I started the story, I realized that there were elements of that story I might be able to use. So as I began writing, I kept in mind those elements.

Ultimately, I found the place to insert that character, that story, and it led me to a very strange place in the end. When you read the story you will recognize what I just described, though you may be surprised who ended up playing the part.

The name of the story when I had the original idea was ‘Job Hunt’. It’s funny how it came together so many years later. Lucky for my fans and me, the ideas are backing up now and I have a lot of stories waiting to be written. If I had to say what the moral to this story is, it would be this. Never give up on an idea, save it for the time when it is ready to be used and you are ready to use it. In the end, Job Hunt turned out to be a kick-ass tale of extraterrestrial proportions and I am happy I am able to share it with all of you now.


JH Glaze, the emerging horror/thriller/paranormal author, was born in Niles, OH, in the heart of the Rust Belt. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA, with his wife and editor, Susan Grimm, their dogs, Harley and Jake, and JoJo, the Senegal parrot.
The incredibly entertaining stories he writes are drawn from experiences he survived during his travels across the US on multiple road trips, a life lived to the fullest each day, and an imagination that refuses to be silenced.
His writing style has been called "clever" and "unique" by many, and he goes 'all out' in his efforts to please, thrill, and shock the reader. A few chapters into his books and you will understand why he is rapidly rising in the ranks to be a top author in his genre.
The Spirit Box is the first in a series, 'The Paranormal Adventures of John Hazard'. The sequel 'NorthWest' is available, and 'Send No Angel' will be released in mid 2012. Readers who enjoyed the first two novels will also love the short story, Forced Intelligence, and story collections, The Horror Challenge, by this talented author. To find more information, search the web for Jeff Glaze and JH Glaze.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

News From Dead Mule Swamp Review

Book Description

 November 26, 2011
Anastasia Raven is running from the pain of a failed marriage, and hopes to hide from the world in an old farmhouse she has purchased at the edge of Dead Mule Swamp. When a hundred-year-old newspaper she finds inside a wall is stolen by Cliff Sorenson, and then Cliff disappears, Ana is convinced that the paper holds the key to the mystery. But what old news could be important enough to put Cliff in danger?


This is a shorter mystery story, only holding about 111 pages of detail oriented descriptions allowing your imagination to visualize yourself as the main character Anastasia and put yourself in her surrounding areas. In this short story Joan H. Young manages to keep you guessing what's going on throughout the whole story until the end! You may think you have it figured out, at least you may think you know who's the culprit in the story however more then likely you will be wrong! 

The book description given above does this story no true justice,considering the book has many more events which take place in it. From theft, threats, lack of knowledge on whom you can and cannot trust and lets not forget, a small town where EVERYONE knows every move you make and gossip faster than you can sneeze!
Normally the mystery genre is not one I venture into very often, I like romance and paranormal, which this has none of the above but I enjoyed it. I may just venture into the mystery genre a little more after reading this. So, all and all...I would say if you love mystery or are even just a tad bit interested give this book a try! It's a wonderful start to Anastasia Ravens adventures!  I give it 4.5 stars! 

Purchase here


Joan Young has enjoyed the out-of-doors her entire life. Highlights of her outdoor adventures include Girl Scouting, which provided yearly training in camp skills, and the opportunity to engage in a 10-day canoe trip, and numerous short backpacking excursions. She was selected to attend the 1965 Senior Scout Roundup in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, an international event to which 10,000 girls were invited. She has ridden a bicycle from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean in 1986, and completed the North Country National Scenic Trail on August 3, 2010. Her total mileage was 4395 miles. Young is the first woman to hike the entire trail, and the 9th person overall to complete it on foot.

She also writes a monthly column for the Ludington Daily News called "Get Off the Couch."

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moon Coven Series Character Interview!


Jennifer S blog

Hi Jennifer, I'm Duncan MacQuarie, one of the characters of the acclaimed Moon Coven Series. Kymberlee, my creator told me that you asked to interview me on your blog today, but she never told me how beautiful you are! But, I digress. We should probably get on with the interview

~What is in your refridgerator right now?
Leftover lo mein, and ketchup

~I know that you're a hunter, what is the hardest part of that job?
Honestly lass, it's knowing that in the end...I may have to stake a family member.

~What is your favorite music?
I love country music. That Toby Keith knows how to sing!

~Are vampires your only supernatural aversion, what about witches?
I don't have an aversion to anything, I just don't like things that are unnatural.

~What was your family life like?
I don't really have a family anymore, I'd rather not talk about it.

~What do you think about social networking sites?
That Facebook thingy mabobber drives me insane. If I wanted you to know that I changed my underwear, I'd give you a call.

~What is your favorite food?
Any kind of meat, but I really miss scotch eggs from Scotland.

~Where are you from originally?
The Highlands of Scotland.

~What is your "comfort" activity?
Knitting actually brings me comfort.

~What is your wish for the future?
I want to live to see the end of the vampiric abominations.

Hi gang, this is Kymberlee, author of the Moon Coven Series! I want to personally thank each of you for stopping by Jen's blog and joining Duncan and I. To find out more information about all of my titles, follow us on any of the sites below!
Love, Hugs and Twitchy-Witchy Kisses,

Haunted Moon on Amazon:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Guest post for Poe's Mother Blog Tour

On tour now!!!!

Poe’s Mother Guest Blog 1 (topic: Poe’s Mother)
What if a family believed in the works of Edgar Allan Poe the way others believe in the Bible?

I began my third novel, POE’S MOTHER, sometime around 1997 at The Writers’ Room of Boston. Like most budding novelists, I had expected my first and second novels to be on the New York Times’ best-sellers list by the time I started my third. I was sadly mistaken. I knew nothing about this business. 

Yet, after four solid years of writing and no success to speak of, I began what was my most personal and intimate novel to date. Poe’s Mother came from the spark of an idea – it captured me and wouldn’t let me go until I had hammered out a first draft of about 62,000 words in six months. I then revised and revised and revised yet again; I submitted the novel to an online workshop, in addition to my monthly critique group. I changed the tense, the voice, the punctuation, always looking for perfection. After eight years of working on it – on and off – I finally put it aside to join novels one and two in the cardboard boxes that contained my hard copies and notes. Along the way I had gathered lots of positive feedback, even from recent agent and editor submissions, but the novel never found a home.

When I looked back recently on the journey this novel had taken, I suddenly realized that finding a publisher for Poe’s Mother would be much like looking for gold in the Everglades. I had taken the cult of Poe and wrenched it to an extreme, pushing past boundaries to the realm of taboo. What traditional publisher would touch it? It could have been the most exquisitely beautiful novel in the world; yet, how to market it? I could see editors and marketing people, sitting in their cramped New York offices, scratching their heads. Horror? Suspense? A psychological thriller? A coming of age story? Actually, it’s all of these.

The idea for the novel came to me when I remembered an incident that had occurred long ago in my hometown in southeastern Kansas. When I was 10 years old, I had purchased, through the Scholastic Book Club at school, a copy of Ten Great Mysteries by Edgar Allan Poe. I loved horror when I was a kid, so this book was up my alley. Of course, like many children, I was unaware of Poe’s mastery of language and story. I bought Wuthering Heights for the same reason – thinking I would enjoy a good ghost story – only to give up and go back to it years later. (It’s now one of my favorite books.) Poe and his ilk are not the Hardy Boys. 

Finding Poe a bit of a slow go, I asked my mother to read me some of the stories. The Black Cat. A Descent into the Maelstrom. I recall the afternoon vividly. The sun was slashing through the fiberglass curtains that were popular at the time; it was a summer’s afternoon. The day was broiling hot. My poor mother was forced to read Poe to me. I’m sure she would have rather been doing other things. But it was that sharp image in my memory that led to the novel.

The cult of Poe. What if some people believed in the works of Edgar Allan Poe the way others believe in the Bible? I asked myself that question, and, thus, the novel grew. The book has two narrators: Sissy Baxter, a 15-year-old, living in Nodoline with her 17-year-old brother, Riven; and Madeline Poe – the matriarch of a very dysfunctional family who takes the writings of Poe seriously. Very seriously. It is a novel about small towns, isolation, wanting to escape, death, addiction, about the power of sex and words. It is a cautionary tale about what can go wrong when ideology moves us toward absolute power. If you love Poe and the themes he brought forth in his work, I believe you’ll appreciate Poe’s Mother.

On sale now! Only $0.99!

Author Michaeil Meeske

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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Haze Review

The legend of the most powerful coven of vampires began in a very unconventional way. Fifteen hundred years ago, a holy man living in Rome was viciously turned inhuman by a blood thirsty vampire. Lucius’ purity was ripped from him and he was left to struggle with his lamentable misfortune, although unknown to him or the evil powers that turned him, fate played a great hand in Lucius’ new found reality.

We all have a purpose in this world and Lucius’ was significant, yet he fought against his fate, against his hunger for human blood, and against the predator that now festered within him.

The fates stepped in again and offered him a skillful advocate. They sent him Sulla, a two thousand year old mystical vampire, who had foreseen Lucius’ purpose in a vision and was determined to help him accept his fate as a gift, not a curse. With her help, Lucius recognized his task, and it wasn’t to be a predator but a guardian. He was to change the ways in which vampire’s treated humans. His intuitive mind and holy beliefs pushed him to create a new form of vampire that wouldn’t compromise compassion for lust. He set out and succeeded in creating a powerful new coven of highly gifted vampires he named Elite. The Elite were conceived to follow his beliefs and fight for a new purpose, yet with great misfortune Lucius reached his final death before his vision was completed. The Elite continued to follow his laws, but foolishly believed their purpose died with him, and accomplished little in fulfilling his destiny.

Now, fifteen hundred years later, his great granddaughter, Natalia, struggles to keep the balance between her vast gifts, her understanding of her inherited purpose, the return of a highly skilled warrior she’s always desired, the consuming distraction of her sexual awakening, and a fascinating connection to a gifted human which can destroy everything.

I have no idea how I came across this book, however I am ever so glad I did! Once I started reading it I did not want to put it down. The Haze by Janine Olsson takes you on a whole new journey of Vampires and Shape-shifters.  We see a lot of the whole good vamp bad vamp in stories but in this story we discover Elites, vampires born, not created and because they are born possessing special powers or gifts. It's an refreshing twist in this paranormal genre and will keep you wanting to read, telling your husband and kids to shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......over and over again. I stayed up till 3 A.M just so I could finish! 
Wow, and is it STEAAAAMMMMYYYY! There are some oh, oh....can I have one of those men scenes! Janine has either a very wonderful imagination or a really good man at home to come up with these! LOL! 
Take my word for it and check out this first book my author Janine Olsson! It's only $0.99 and worth every penny if not more! 
Find her book here

                                                         Janine Olsson

Friday, June 1, 2012

Time for Death tour giveaway

Product Description

Liz Baker, a 32 year old small town bar owner, thought it would be a normal evening of sex in a cemetery with her longtime beau, until she spotted someone in the distance, and all normality in her world ceased to exist.

After several murders in her small town of Tremmel Crossing, Georgia, Liz comes to the realization that the murderer is coming after her, and he’s more dangerous than any human could possibly be.

With the help of her dead mother, bar bouncer, and cemetery lover, Liz learns that the murdering vampire was sent by her biological father to claim her as his own. Only then does she discover her real parentage and underlying special powers.

However, the vampire sent to claim her has powers of his own, most importantly the power to control her mind, emotions and desires. She wants him, needs him, her entire body aches for him, but she soon finds out that she must fight back to save the lives of her friends and loved ones. Only death will release her from Marcus’s powerful hold, but who will die first?
Buy on Amazon here!

Product Description

I thought life would get back to normal after I offed Marcus. I wanted adventure, but not the kind that could kill me with the glimmer of an idea. Yeah, he was a god in bed, but what fun would that have been if I never felt my own feelings and thoughts again?

Now I'm surrounded by more monsters. I somehow knew there couldn't be just vampires in the world, but a girl can hope can't she? Oh well, that's not how it works in the real world.

Adele's estate is gorgeous, much bigger than I'm accustomed to, and it turns out to be an excellent headquarters once Cole McIntosh--Wendigo Extraordinaire--shows up and demands my services. Hell, I don't even know how to use the powers I supposedly have and this bastard wants me to reverse a gypsy curse. It's not my problem he's a dumb ass and got himself split in two. I happen to like his better half anyway. He makes a great sandwich!

Now Rick's pissed at me, Chad's looking as smoking hot as ever, and I have a handful of staff, friends, and my new high-class lawyer helping out...but will I be ready when Cole comes knocking at the front gate?
Buy it on Amazon here!

Product Description

Saddled with the knowledge that she's not only a half-vampire, but also expected to be some kind of supernatural warrior to battle evil, Liz Baker--34 year old small town bar owner--would rather life went back to normal, choosing to ignore her destiny instead.

She survived murdering a vampire lover, being possessed by a spirit of her ancestor in order to destroy a wendigo, and even finding out that her ghostly mother is in love with the attorney in charge of her newly acquired fortune. But will she survive finding out that she has eleven half-vampire brothers and sisters?

Even with Chad at her back, and an ex-military werewolf pilot giving them defensive pointers, Liz simply wants to go back to normal. What ever normal is now. How will she ever find normal again though, what with a demon haunting her waking hours and a vampire trying to pull her into his paranormal army of offspring?

Chad didn't understand, nor would he. He didn't have this damn inner demon telling him things he shouldn't know, telling him to do things that he desired to do, but knew he should never do. She'd told me at the last second not to kill Gregory. The other children needed him. But was it true? Or just another guise in an attempt to lull me into complacency?

The demon side of me only wanted more evil, more control over my mind, my body, my actions. She had killer intentions, the kinds of intentions that would push me away from all the people I cared about and into the arms of a father I never wanted.
Buy it here on Amazon!!

The Author

About the Author

Christie Silvers is a lover and writer of paranormal fiction. From time to time she dabbles in paranormal erotica, as well. Vampires, werewolves, witches, and other creatures of the night have intrigued her for as long as she can remember.

She reads more than she writes, simply because she can't get enough of books. Her Kindle (which she adores to the point of an inappropriate love affair) holds more than 100 books at any given moment. You can never go wrong by gifting her with Amazon gift cards. She'll always find something new to spend it on.

Christie lives in the woods in north Georgia with her husband, three daughters, three dogs, four cats, and five chickens. No it's not a farm, but it sure feels like a funny farm from time to time. Aside from reading and writing, she enjoys socializing on Facebook and Twitter. For more info and links visit .

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