Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moon Coven Series Character Interview!


Jennifer S blog

Hi Jennifer, I'm Duncan MacQuarie, one of the characters of the acclaimed Moon Coven Series. Kymberlee, my creator told me that you asked to interview me on your blog today, but she never told me how beautiful you are! But, I digress. We should probably get on with the interview

~What is in your refridgerator right now?
Leftover lo mein, and ketchup

~I know that you're a hunter, what is the hardest part of that job?
Honestly lass, it's knowing that in the end...I may have to stake a family member.

~What is your favorite music?
I love country music. That Toby Keith knows how to sing!

~Are vampires your only supernatural aversion, what about witches?
I don't have an aversion to anything, I just don't like things that are unnatural.

~What was your family life like?
I don't really have a family anymore, I'd rather not talk about it.

~What do you think about social networking sites?
That Facebook thingy mabobber drives me insane. If I wanted you to know that I changed my underwear, I'd give you a call.

~What is your favorite food?
Any kind of meat, but I really miss scotch eggs from Scotland.

~Where are you from originally?
The Highlands of Scotland.

~What is your "comfort" activity?
Knitting actually brings me comfort.

~What is your wish for the future?
I want to live to see the end of the vampiric abominations.

Hi gang, this is Kymberlee, author of the Moon Coven Series! I want to personally thank each of you for stopping by Jen's blog and joining Duncan and I. To find out more information about all of my titles, follow us on any of the sites below!
Love, Hugs and Twitchy-Witchy Kisses,

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