Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reckless by Skye Jordan ~ My Review

A couture wedding dress designer to the rich and famous, Lexi LaCroix's image means everything. Raised on the wrong side of the tracks, her years of polish and hard work are finally about to pay off. But crossing paths with a sexier-than-sin, bad-boy biker who makes her realize how much living she's sacrificed for her success, one touch is all it takes to threaten her carefully choreographed life.

Jax Chamberlin has been screwed over by gorgeous gold-diggers one too many times. Though he runs his own stunt company, all of America knows his Hollywood face even years after he's given up acting. Finding a woman who doesn't plan to use him as a stepping stone to success is virtually impossible, so when the charming and mysterious Lexi offers him a chance at a totally anonymous hook-up during an out of town trip, Jax accepts. Only Lexi is more sextacular than charming, and Jax wants more. Lots more.

But Lexi's got a major hang-up over his renegade lifestyle. And if she finds out his connections could catapult her to the top of her career, he's afraid the fantasy woman he's falling for might just end up like all the rest. 

Warning: This novel contains uber-hot sexual encounters. For safety's sake, read along with pitcher of ice-water.

My Review: 
Holy heck....for the love of all DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT read this book while you are at work! **Fans self**  I made the mistake of reading this book while at work and I regretted it because....well.... I was wishing my husband was with me....Ooooo the things this book will do to you or...make you want to do.  O.o  . I was getting so mad at my job because I kept getting interrupted. (I mean, what? They really expected me to work? LOL)  

I really loved how these characters met. The chemistry Lexi and Jax shared was fantastic! I felt the chills and passion through the writing! Not something accomplished in books very often. The book is not all about sex though (although, it could of been and I don't think I would of noticed a missing story line! Jax is yummy!) there's a real story to it. Two people learning to trust, to live how they want to live, and to learn to not let their past issues break their future. Jax and Lexi start out with only chemistry yet end up developing into different people.  Did I mention this book was hot? **Fans self a little more**

I really look forward to the next installment in this series....please, please, tell me there IS going to be another book?!?!?!?!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jaded Touch (Vesper book 2) By Nola Sarina~ Review

Three is tormented by the branding scars on her back, broken memories of her fallen creator, and the looming consequences of her secret friendship with Sychar - a male of her kind - a high crime in her world of serpentine guardians. Then along comes Jack - the human train engineer she saves in an explosion. His touch weakens both her knees and her sense of duty. Now Three must choose between her immortal duties, her forbidden friendship, and her human lover. With every choice comes a cost, but not every cost is hers to pay.



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My Description
The Maid (what female Vespers are called..I know a bit sexist sounding right? LOL) Three (Yes, her name is Three) has had a rough life as a Vesper. Always being tormented by her "sisters" because she was created differently than they were. Even her human life was full of tourture. This is her life now though, right? Follow all orders, have no relationships with anyone....a slave in ways.. No way out....Right?

Jack, while human (a very yummy human, no pun intended lol), works for the Vespers as a train operator. He knows what the Vespers are. He also understands how dangerous his job is as well. There's something about Three though that he can't get enough of and when a strange event occurs and she saves his life he gets to spend more one on one time with her. He wants her, badly. Badly enough though that he wants to risk his life for? Even if it's worth it to him, can he get her to believe that it's worth risking her life for him as well? Because after all...what he wants means death for them both.

My Review
This is a Novella however it a good sized Novella! 
Jaded Touch is the second book in the Vesper series however is perfectly capable of being a stand alone book. There are a few parts you may understand a little more if you have read book one but nothing to major that you will be lost. 

I honestly think this book was better than her first one in the series. The writing was smoother, less errors (yeah, I know...My review has errors,too. But hey, I don't have an editor. LOL), and the conversations were realistic (well, as realistic as you can get in paranormal type books, LOL). I really do love the fact that Nola Sarina chose to think outside of your normal Vampire/Werewolf story-line and opt for something a little more unique. I'm looking forward to the next installment in this intriguing world of Vespers....Where your protectors are also...your hunters. 

Nola is a mother, wife, writer, and giggle-a-holic, living in Canada and raising a pack of kids. She is represented by Michelle Johnson of Inklings Literary Agency. In her spare time she can be found geocaching, guzzling coffee, or tending to her garden.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Sorry that things have been so quiet on the blog lately! Between switching jobs which means I went from working 20 hours to working 40 plus hours a week and working days instead of night, the kids getting sick, myself getting sick and trying to get all back to school shopping, plus two kids birthdays I just have not been able to blog! Things will be getting back to normal soon and you will see so much you will be sick of seeing me! I have lots of books I have to review still so be ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of love to you all!