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JH Glaze Guest Stop featuring The Spirit Box!

First I wish to thank you for inviting me to write a guest blog post.  Although my blog tour is to promote my first book, The Spirit Box, I thought it would be interesting to tell you how my second book, NorthWest became a story that would ultimately be the sequel to The Spirit Box.

NorthWest began its life more than 10 years ago when one day, I found myself unemployed. I had scanned the newspapers and found a listing for a position as a limo driver. Thinking that might be a cool job, and the tips might be significant, I made copies of my resume and headed out to try to get a few interviews.

Unfortunately, after my first interview, I lost the newspaper containing the ad. I seemed to remember the address of the place for the limo driver position, so rather than head home; I made an attempt to find the address. As I was walking down a main street in downtown Atlanta, I saw a place that had several limos parked around it.

I assumed that was the place, even though there were no signs, so I went in to see if I could talk to someone about the job. As I walked through the door, I was standing in a room full of men in dark suits, deeply involved in some kind of meeting. They didn’t notice me and I felt strange about the situation, so I just turned around and left.

As I was walking down the sidewalk toward the train station, my imagination kicked in. I imagined that these guys could have been gangland types. Then, I thought, what if they had seen me? What if they came after me and I had to run to the train station? When I entered the station, I saw a bridge that spanned the tracks and a train was just pulling out.

I thought, what if I were being chased by those guys and had to jump on top of that train to escape, and what if they followed me home? The ideas just kept coming, if I had to leave town where would I go?

By the end of the day I had built quite a story in my head; a story that I never did anything with, until I started writing NorthWest. As I started the story, I realized that there were elements of that story I might be able to use. So as I began writing, I kept in mind those elements.

Ultimately, I found the place to insert that character, that story, and it led me to a very strange place in the end. When you read the story you will recognize what I just described, though you may be surprised who ended up playing the part.

The name of the story when I had the original idea was ‘Job Hunt’. It’s funny how it came together so many years later. Lucky for my fans and me, the ideas are backing up now and I have a lot of stories waiting to be written. If I had to say what the moral to this story is, it would be this. Never give up on an idea, save it for the time when it is ready to be used and you are ready to use it. In the end, Job Hunt turned out to be a kick-ass tale of extraterrestrial proportions and I am happy I am able to share it with all of you now.


JH Glaze, the emerging horror/thriller/paranormal author, was born in Niles, OH, in the heart of the Rust Belt. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA, with his wife and editor, Susan Grimm, their dogs, Harley and Jake, and JoJo, the Senegal parrot.
The incredibly entertaining stories he writes are drawn from experiences he survived during his travels across the US on multiple road trips, a life lived to the fullest each day, and an imagination that refuses to be silenced.
His writing style has been called "clever" and "unique" by many, and he goes 'all out' in his efforts to please, thrill, and shock the reader. A few chapters into his books and you will understand why he is rapidly rising in the ranks to be a top author in his genre.
The Spirit Box is the first in a series, 'The Paranormal Adventures of John Hazard'. The sequel 'NorthWest' is available, and 'Send No Angel' will be released in mid 2012. Readers who enjoyed the first two novels will also love the short story, Forced Intelligence, and story collections, The Horror Challenge, by this talented author. To find more information, search the web for Jeff Glaze and JH Glaze.

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