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News From Dead Mule Swamp Review

Book Description

 November 26, 2011
Anastasia Raven is running from the pain of a failed marriage, and hopes to hide from the world in an old farmhouse she has purchased at the edge of Dead Mule Swamp. When a hundred-year-old newspaper she finds inside a wall is stolen by Cliff Sorenson, and then Cliff disappears, Ana is convinced that the paper holds the key to the mystery. But what old news could be important enough to put Cliff in danger?


This is a shorter mystery story, only holding about 111 pages of detail oriented descriptions allowing your imagination to visualize yourself as the main character Anastasia and put yourself in her surrounding areas. In this short story Joan H. Young manages to keep you guessing what's going on throughout the whole story until the end! You may think you have it figured out, at least you may think you know who's the culprit in the story however more then likely you will be wrong! 

The book description given above does this story no true justice,considering the book has many more events which take place in it. From theft, threats, lack of knowledge on whom you can and cannot trust and lets not forget, a small town where EVERYONE knows every move you make and gossip faster than you can sneeze!
Normally the mystery genre is not one I venture into very often, I like romance and paranormal, which this has none of the above but I enjoyed it. I may just venture into the mystery genre a little more after reading this. So, all and all...I would say if you love mystery or are even just a tad bit interested give this book a try! It's a wonderful start to Anastasia Ravens adventures!  I give it 4.5 stars! 

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Joan Young has enjoyed the out-of-doors her entire life. Highlights of her outdoor adventures include Girl Scouting, which provided yearly training in camp skills, and the opportunity to engage in a 10-day canoe trip, and numerous short backpacking excursions. She was selected to attend the 1965 Senior Scout Roundup in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, an international event to which 10,000 girls were invited. She has ridden a bicycle from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean in 1986, and completed the North Country National Scenic Trail on August 3, 2010. Her total mileage was 4395 miles. Young is the first woman to hike the entire trail, and the 9th person overall to complete it on foot.

She also writes a monthly column for the Ludington Daily News called "Get Off the Couch."

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