Friday, October 19, 2012

Upcoming book Sacrifice by Stacey Rourke, Review in Amanda's eyes this time!

Available in November 2012
Celeste Garrett has finally found a happy balance in her life as the Chosen One, thanks in large part to a certain hunky Irishman. But if there’s any lesson she should heed since receiving her calling it’s that everything can change in the blink of an eye. Soon a terrible new threat, unlike anything she’s ever encountered, causes her to make a gut-wrenching choice that will strip her of someone she holds dear. 

As much as she’d like to have a pity party for one, there’s no time for that now because wedding bells are ringing in Gainesboro! In between dress fittings and rehearsal dinners Celeste will have to fend off attacking demons and leering pirates. As if the Dark Army wasn’t scary enough our heroine is faced with the horrifying trauma of attending a bachelorette party with her mom and watching Grams do Jello shots. Is a walk down the aisle even possible for a member of the Garrett family when the Dark Army is out to destroy them? More importantly, will the Dark Army Glee Club sing at the reception? 

Raise your glass to the happy couple, and get ready for a wedding…Conduit-style.


*blows horn* Gryphon series fans…do you have your torches lit? Your pitchforks at the ready? Good, after you are done with Sacrifice you are gonna need them! 

Wowzers! I don’t think I will ever get enough of this series. Stacey didn’t disappoint that’s for sure! I laughed, I cried, I laughed, I yelled, I laughed and I almost threw my kindle…yeah I have emotional whiplash! 

We get a few new characters this book…Bernard, the grouchy gnome, we gain our own girl on fire as well as Big Mike. Lots of demon activity happening when the Titans get involved and Celeste can’t go all gryphony on them because Caleb is still linked to one of them. The Countess isn’t going to give him up without a fight. Rowan saves the wedding (not saying who’s) but we all know he doesn’t do anything without himself in mind; he is afterall, a pirate. 

Tough decisions have to be made and a sacrifice that may destroy our chosen one. You’re going to need a Kleenex as we suffer a loss with Celeste.  Kendall channels her inner angst and needs a good wallop to bring her out…it may be a bit more than we see on the surface. Boundaries are tested as everyone prepares for a big day and the attacks just don’t stop. 

Once again Rourke will take you on a nail biting, eye popping, side-splitting journey you won’t soon forget. A well written plot with lots of twists, tons of action, love … and heartache, and we can’t forget the humor! The Dark Army Glee club is back folks!!! Alec makes a return and he does it with a bang. Big shocker coming your way there! Stacey secures her title as Cliffhanger Queen with the HUGE one she leaves at the end of Sacrifice. 

If you haven’t read this series yet, (what are you waiting for, seriously?) well … I feel sorry for you because you are truly missing out



  1. I tried not to read too much of your review, cause I am currently reading it. I'm about half way through and LOVE it!!! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Hiding from the torch and pitch forking wielding crowd!!