Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Caught in the Dragon Cove by Ressa Empbra Reviewed by Amanda

Book description

Working for a covert government agency, Iax travels the world—and beyond. She also journeys out of this world to other Realms in various Dimensions, of which only a privileged few know. Her job: Putting a halt to imminent battles and wars—before it’s too late. Finding herself in a heated battle in the Dragon Cove Realm of the Dragon Dimension, Iax assumes the usual; get in, get the job done, get out. Easy-peasy. This mission is like no other, however, as it will change her life in ways she never could have imagined. Get Caught in the Dragon Cove where secrets and tempting passions lurking just out of sight, will be revealed.

5 Stars

Opening statement: Dragons are cool. That is all. 

Have you ever seen Quantum Leap? No? Well you totally should! (It's old, I know! Shut it.) The opening of this book (okay so really a couple chapters in) reminded me of QL and I love that show. (whatever, it's good)

Iax (pronounced eye-axe) reminded me of Sam, she leaps to different dimensions and realms, only she gets to stay herself and do awesome world saving things. Of course QL wouldn't have been as awesome without Al, the ever trusting guide, and Gemma sure does a great job. She shows up when Iax leaps and helps guide her through the journey. I'd like to say there was an awesome Ziggy that Gemma had to check in with but the only comparison would be her brother and he isn't very pleasant. (so I hear) 

Iax is foul-mouthed with a kicking personality, seriously! She is part of O.W.O (Outer Wordly Operations) a secret branch of the C.I.A. and they pretty much just plop her down in different realms when she is needed...no warning. However, this time around things don't go as planned-she's Caught in the Dragon Cove! 

Her mission: Save Yoren, Gordell's Truemate from Mazar. Dang, I really feel sorry for these male dragon shifters - they hear a constant buzz in their head until they find their mate. Some, like poor Mazar, start to go a little mad and try taking someone else's True-mate  (tsk, tsk! These dragons have tempers!) But boy do they know how to treat 'em when they find 'em. 

Changes take place within Iax and her life is pulled from under her - leaving no room for choice in her future. (Curious now? Go read it!) 

A lot of twists, playful banter, action, a few scenes of the romantical type (not suitable for those under 17) and some rockin awesome dragons and you've got yourself a book you can hardly put down!

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  1. Jennifer~

    Thanx so much for your awesome review, and your obvious energy you put into writing them. It made this fun to read! I appreciate that, you, and your time for doing it. I'm glad you enjoyed my dragon world, I know I certainly enjoyed creating it. :D

    Thanx again. :D


  2. I really wanted to read your book before but after reading this review I'm seriously thinking of stopping the book, series, I'm in the middle of (even though I'm very OCD about finishing one before moving onto a new book) and reading this book first. It sounds really great.