Thursday, October 25, 2012

Melissa's Review of The Haze by Janine Olsson and Giveaway!

Book Description

The legend of the most powerful coven of vampires began in a very unconventional way. Fifteen hundred years ago, a holy man living in Rome was viciously turned inhuman by a blood thirsty vampire. Lucius’ purity was ripped from him and he was left to struggle with his lamentable misfortune, although unknown to him or the evil powers that turned him, fate played a great hand in Lucius’ new found reality.

We all have a purpose in this world and Lucius’ was significant, yet he fought against his fate, against his hunger for human blood, and against the predator that now festered within him.

The fates stepped in again and offered him a skillful advocate. They sent him Sulla, a two thousand year old mystical vampire, who had foreseen Lucius’ purpose in a vision and was determined to help him accept his fate as a gift, not a curse. With her help, Lucius recognized his task, and it wasn't to be a predator but a guardian. He was to change the ways in which vampire’s treated humans. His intuitive mind and holy beliefs pushed him to create a new form of vampire that wouldn't compromise compassion for lust. He set out and succeeded in creating a powerful new coven of highly gifted vampires he named Elite. The Elite were conceived to follow his beliefs and fight for a new purpose, yet with great misfortune Lucius reached his final death before his vision was completed. The Elite continued to follow his laws, but foolishly believed their purpose died with him, and accomplished little in fulfilling his destiny.

Now, fifteen hundred years later, his great granddaughter, Natalia, struggles to keep the balance between her vast gifts, her understanding of her inherited purpose, the return of a highly skilled warrior she’s always desired, the consuming distraction of her sexual awakening, and a fascinating connection to a gifted human which can destroy everything.

Melissa's Review
5 Stars

Natalia is a fourth generation vampire Elite. She resides on the island of Hemlee with her twin Maddox, coven, and family. For all of her life Natalia has been living in a bubble. Believing that she is a great warrior, when she has had no experiences outside of the island of Hemlee.
Finn is a great warrior. His love for Natalia was present even before any sort of bond made an appearance. He is a world traveler whom has has many opportunities to learn everything that is not taught to the Elite.

This book is a story of love, betrayal, and fate. There are points in our lives where we think that certain circumstances are brought to us by fate. In this story fate is all there is for the characters. For everything that happens they trust that fate has brought this to them.
 The love in the book is absolutely beautiful. We could only hope to find a bond with somebody that is as strong as the ones the characters in the book find. The love between Natalia and Finn radiates from the book.
The story and characters are entrancing. You can't help but want more while reading this story. From people who are believed to be dead, to a web of lies that is slowly being unraveled  The Haze will leave you wanting more as you get to know what is truly going on with the people who reside on the island of Hemlee. I honestly cannot wait for the next installment  What will fate bring to these characters who have already fought against so much?And will love truly conquer all? Let me tell you I can't wait for the answers to those questions

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  1. I probably will buy it as soon as I am able to if I don't win.

  2. Great Review...definitely on my TBR list

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  6. I would buy this, when I have the money. :)

  7. Love the blog, giveaway, and the book sounds amazing! So yes!

  8. I will probably buy the book as soon as possible if I don't win. I have a few other books I need to read before I purchase another but this one is on my tbr list. Thanks for the giveaway and the review.