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Wastes of Space Blog Tour Guest Post and Giveaway

Title: Wastes of Space
Author: Darcy Town
Published: Self-Published - December 14th, 2011
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 142,000
Content Warning: Mature - language, sex, graphic violence, drug use/abuse, prostitution

In the early 21st century, the Cold War between the American and Chinese Empires slogs on in a stalemate. There's a ceasefire in effect, but the peace is artificial—secretly enforced by an alien blockade that surrounds the planet. Earth is caught in a territory struggle between two warring factions: the Empire and the Resistance. Lacking harvestable talents, both groups classify Earthlings as Wasters.

Hidden among the Wasters is an alien girl with the power of moving spaceships. She teams up with Rake, a drug-addicted ex-Astronaut, to join an intergalactic war that Earth did not know existed…but first Rake has to realize he's travelling with an alien to begin with.

Guest Post

If you could change places with any of your characters for a day, who would it be and why?

This is a hard one…  It comes down to a tie between Tasanee (aka Rat – 21 year old human), and Ravil (age unknown alien).  Both of these ladies appear in Wastes of Space.

Choosing Ravil is pretty simple.  As a Navigator, Ravil can essentially teleport to any known location as long as she has the energy to do so.  I think getting to have the ability to travel to wherever you want whenever you’d like, would be amazing.  She can zip around near instantaneously with little to no effort involved.  With her powers at my disposal, I could wake up and go have a meal in Paris as my breakfast and be back home in time for work to start.  Being able to leave an awkward social situation without having to make ones way to the door would be great as well.  Just snap your fingers and vanish, no need for explanations.

I chose Rat for a different reason.  She’s extremely levelheaded and has a load of practical information at her fingertips, but I chose her because of the character she becomes romantically involved with.  I often say that I fall in love with most of my characters, but the one she ends up with is hands down my favorite.  I won’t mention names because of spoilers, but I will say that her partner is one of the funniest, most sexually deviant and violently depraved characters in the entire series (or really, of anything I’ve ever written).  Getting to spend a day with that individual, sexually or platonically, would be hysterical.  Besides that, Tasanee can fix just about anything and I could see that being useful for home and appliance repairs.

About the Author:
I earned a degree in Comparative Religion, so themes-wise that certainly pops up here and there in my writing (okay, more than a little here and there in some books).

I write what I enjoy reading/watching - which is fantasy/sci-fi with dark humor and a bit of romance. What I consider romance however is to some...a bit off (and kinked out). And when I say dark humor I mean black. But I always have lighthearted moments (I do not believe a story should be all one way or another). Gotta spice things up!

Speaking of...I like to write stories that cater to all sexual preferences in one story (as opposed to just writing gay/lesbian lit, etc). I have your typical male-female romances. I have male-male, female-female, transgender, bi-sexual, sub-dom, etc. This is mostly due to the fact that well...1. I like writing about it. 2. I see it in my everyday life. 3. I like having a well-rounded cast of characters from all walks of life.

I am the author of the Morningstar Trilogy and the Wastes Series.

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