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Phoenix Burning ( book 2 ) By Lisa C Morgan Review and Giveaway~ Reviewed by Amanda

Book Description

 October 3, 2012

Maggie Henning has learned what she really is--the last of an ancient race of Phoenix. She knows who her enemy is--OSSA, the leader of the Revenant Army. She had thought the toughest battle fought. She only now is learning the road ahead is harder still.

In the hopes of returning a fallen Realm Prince, Maggie must barter with the Angels for his release. But the path to such a discussion is not an easy one. Traveling with one prince to save the other, Maggie soon learns that there is no black and white in the Realm. That the lines between good and evil, and love and hate, are at best blurry.

She will learn a dark secret hidden in the past. One that calls into question everything she thought she felt. Even as she tries to determine her fate, Luc also faces his own destiny. Does he reach for what the future promises, or does he deny what's so plainly there before him?

If the only pain is in denying destiny, do you give in to the agony, or do you burn with it?


 Because I LOVED the first book so much I went into Phoenix Burning with high expectations. Folks, I wasn't disappointed....Lisa C. Morgan does it again! If it's possible I love this one more than the first!
First, another great cover! (Did I mention the first cover in the other review? IDK - If not, it was smokin! hehehe) Book One left us with questions and emotionally gutted! Book Two picks up right where we left off. Maggie decides she is willing to do what it takes to fix a certain problem (come on, I can't give you that......what if you haven't read the first book?) only little does she know that things will take a turn on her journey and it's a turn she wasn't expecting nor prepared for.
I find myself trying to write this review without giving anything away and it truly is hard! Luc, <sigh>, joins Maggie on her little adventure both aiming at the same goal....only the real question for Maggie becomes, 'Is this what you really want.' I read that question so many times and each and every answer left me red faced and yelling at my kindle. (earning me odd looks)
This book will draw you in and have you questioning, arguing and once again, crying. Truths are revealed that were once hidden and subtle threats make for tough choices. Everything you once thought is tossed out the window as you start to see some characters you loved in a new light. History always has a way of showing itself......let's just hope it isn't repeated.
My favorite part of this book was the new POV. Luc, <sigh> (yes, the sigh is totally necessary when referencing this Prince of Celine) has a large role in Phoenix Burning and yes, you got it, we are allowed to dive into his thoughts and emotions. It didn't take long for me to start rooting for Luc and then change my mind and decide I wanted him to myself, forget rooting for him to get the girl he loves.
The end left me slack jawed and wanting to high five a certain character to the face...with a chair. I am in love with this series and can not wait until the third book is released. I am impatiently waiting and will drop whatever I am doing once it becomes available. I recommend this book to any and everyone!

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Lisa Morgan lives in rural Upstate NY with her husband Brian, three children, a degu and precocious Siberian Husky.

A lover of books and words, it has always been her desire to tell stories that the people near her could listen read, escaping the world around them by way of the page. Always having a new story idea popping into her head, sometimes at the least appropriate times, Lisa can almost al

ways be found with a notebook and writing utensil somewhere within reach, just as her 8th grade teacher made her promise to do.

When she isn't writing or taxing kids, Lisa enjoys reading, football, cooking, singing & dancing badly; tattoos, and spending time with family and friends. 

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