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The Brown House by Christy Sloat~Review and Giveaway

Book Description

 June 5, 2012
Some secrets should never be revealed…

Brylee Branson begrudgingly made the excruciating move with her family from the warm sandy beaches of California to small town living in New Jersey. As if she wasn’t miserable enough, they’ve moved into a creepy old house that everyone in the area claims is haunted. Brylee dismisses the idea of ghosts and hauntings, until she begins to see and hear things that can’t be explained…

Brylee has no choice but to seek the help of new friends to unlock the secrets of this place she now calls home. But some secrets should never be revealed. Can the teens find a way to release the spirits imprisoned within the walls? Or will the curse claim them, too?

My Review

4 Stars....
 Brylee's making a major move with her family and that's not the only life changing event in her life! From day one in their new home something is just not right in the house. Strange noises, doors closing and eerie feelings have Brylee a little on edge, add the girl she meets in the woods whom automatically starts telling her stories of her new home that puts Brylee even more on edge. Ghosts, curses, text messages from a lost friend and a girl who has been missing for awhile now.....can her life turn even more eventful? Oh, yes.....add the cute neighbor boy whom has a few enemies at school, his younger sister who lucky for Brylee just happens to be her new best friend! 

 I really did like the story-line and all the possibilities that were present in this book as well as upcoming possibilities in future books to come in the series. I don't want anyone to think I did not like this book because it's not true I did! I can only hope that the second book in this series embraces it's true potential while filling in a few things that left me wondering in The Brown House and I do plan on reading it once it comes out! Keep reading, don't give up on this series that's for sure! I think my main thing was I could not figure out what caused Brylee to all of a sudden see and speak to ghosts nor how she knew she was talking to one ghost yet had no clue about another?!? (I am being a bit cryptic in this because I don't want to give away whom I am talking about!)

Pick up The Brown House. Give it a shot, I don't think you will regret it.

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Author Bio-Christy Sloat is a Southern California native who now lives in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters. She believes that reading is a passion and it should be embraced. If she is not reading or writing she is cooking or spending quality time with her children.She believes in past lives and love that can last lifetimes. She is huge Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling fan. Some of her favorite vacation spots are Maine, Massachusetts and California.

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  1. Thank you Jennifer for the review. I promise all will be revealed in book two :)