Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Author Stacey Rourke of The Gryphon Series.

I don't know about you but I truly believe that what someone is like in person reflects immensely on how they write their books, interact with fans and how successful they may become. If you are a ill mannered and lack respect for others around you then you will have a harder time selling your work. After all Karma is a beeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppp..........
 With that said, author Stacey Rourke's fabulous humor shows up in her books, on her fan pages, in her street team's group and yes even one on one talking with her. This post today is to let Stacey know just how much those whom work with her daily on helping to spread the word on her books truly think about her. Each gave a short, few sentences about her (after all we want a blog post, not a book) and her work.
So, without any more delays here we go........

"Stacey, not only are you a fantastic writer of truly wonderful books, you are a genuinely nice person. It doesn't hurt that you're a Michibilly, like me, either. LOL  You worked hard and deserve the praise that you are getting, and YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! JAZZ HANDS!"
~Heather Alexander

"I met Stacey through Facebook a few months ago after being invited to one of her Online Book Events, sonrisa…. From the start she was an Amazing individual. Her kindness shines through, and Stacey brilliance as an Author is beyond compare! I as an Author, finds myself hoping that I may be the Author Stacey is, sonrisa… Stacey brings an Amazing Spirit to all that she comes in contact with no matter the distance, space and tiempo/time….I am truly Blessed and Honored to have come to have Stacey in my life and I pray as an Amiga/Friend for many anos/yrs to come…."
~De Ann Townes Jr

"Stacey Rourke is a very kind and generous woman.She is a fantastic author and I love her books.
  She is a savvy business woman".
~ Lynn Worton

"Stacey is a wonderful writer and person. I may not know her outside Facebook but I still consider her a close friend or one of my really crazy relatives. Just Kidding Stacey I <3 You."
~ Ashley Wood

"I want to begin with, Stacey is an amazing Author, friend and all around person. She makes me laugh with her humor and is so sweet about me bugging the crap out of her LOL. Stacey I feel as though we have known each other for years even though we have never met in person but I am so hoping to one day. Keep on writing and keep on making me laugh You, as I said, are amazing and you made me fall in love with a fictional character LOL. Love you Stacey"
~Crystal Clifton

"Stacey Rourke, was kind enough to add me to the Anchor Group Publishing as an author. Of course I will be a best selling author. LOL She is witty, aggressive and weird things happen to her.  We all laugh and challenge her. We show no mercy. I  am really enjoying being part of the crew. Stacey and Melissa are patient with all of us divas and I really appreciate it. I am glad she is steering the ship. Thanks for letting me join the best ship on the publishing seas."
~Wendy Nystrom

"Stacey Rourke has become a wonderful friend since I have become her admin on her page! I don't know what possessed her to ask me to take on that role and I'm sure she has shook her head on more then one occasion asking herself what on earth she was thinking! I however am glad she did ask me! I have had a blast with our non stop playful bickering, or daily texts and her persistent mission to make sure I am constantly busy with something or another ;). Stacey, you are a true joy to work with, a amazing author and I highly look forward to our next bantering post! Love you, lots!"
~Jennifer Swiger ( me )

This is just a few of those whom have gotten to know her as a person and author! If you have not been introduced to Stacey Rourke the person or author I hope this has given you a glimpse in to her as a person and that it sparks your attention and you at least consider looking into getting to know her as an author! You will not be disappointed! Check out the Gryphon series today!

                Also, available on Barnes and Nobles and Smashwords!


  1. Stacey Rourke is a wonderful author that I have come to love and respect immensely! She is a delight to work with and her books are a pleasure to read! I cannot wait until the next release as I have no doubt that it will rock as much as The Conduit and Embrace! It is authors like Stacey that make reading my favorite pastime!

  2. Stacey Rourke is a ROCKSTAR! I love working with her on her promo team and I absolutely LOVE her writing! She is smart and witty throughout her writing, but also within her group. She has welcomed me with open arms and has been so amazing!! Thank you Stacey for being such a fabulous woman and for being your rockin' self!

  3. Here is another Ode to Stacey's awesomeness but you have to sing it to I'm sexy and I know it. :)

    When I walk on by, fans be lookin' like: Damn she's fly
    I pimp to be beat
    Walkin down the street in my new lafreak
    This is how I roll
    cupcake and ring pop print shoes, out of control
    It's Stacey with the bestseller role
    And like Bruce Lee, I rock the store, yo!

    Wow! just look at that bookshelf (x3)
    I write books.!
    Wow! just look at that bookshelf (x3)
    I write books.!

    When I walk in the bookstore, this is what I see
    Everybody stops and they staring at me,
    I got The Conduit in my hands,
    And I ain't afraid to show it (show it, show it, show it)
    I'm Stacey and I know it (x2)