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Review by Kaila of Love Kills by Natalie Hancock

Review of Love Kills by Natalie Hancock
Reviewed by Kaila

In a world full of Demons, Rayne is the only one of her kind. An Immortal destined to change the fates of the ones she swore to protect.

When Kade arrives, the tables turn and Rayne finds her own life on the line. As a Demon of death and destruction, Kade has the ability to take Rayne’s Immortal life from her.
Rayne hungers for his blood and Kade lusts for her body underneath his. Their desires spark, igniting passion neither of them can control.
As the apocalypse nears, Rayne trains hard to prepare for war but when everything begins to fall apart and Kade’s Demonic side reigns free, turning him against her, she only has two options: fight with her life to save the Demons, or let herself be killed, potentially destroying everything in the process.
Which will she choose?


4 stars..
So, I wanted to like this one more then I did. I really enjoyed the characters and part of the plot. I loved the love story and the complications of that. However I got confused a lot. I couldn't tell when she was in the "game" and when she was in the real world. I loved the dark and light side of Kane. I enjoyed watching Rayne get better and better.  I would love to read more, I just wish the game parts were easier to tell from real life for her. 

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Natalie is a talkative, hyperactive writer of Erotic and YA Vampire/Werewolf/Demon/Immortal/Angel Paranormal Romance books. She writes for three publishing companies: Extasy Books, Red Sage, Hot Ink Press and Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly.
She loves both reading and writing, and loves listening to loud rock/hardcore music.
Born in Devon, Plymouth in 1991, she didn't stay there for long and moved to
Lincoln, and then Skegness.
Natalie wasn't always a lover of books, but more of an animal person then. She
went to University of Lincoln, Riseholme College, where she studied an animal
course for two years. It was only when she saw J.K Rowling's, Harry Potter books that she start reading.
Over the years, she's read more books, including Twilight and House of Night and soon became a huge lover of books and was inspired to write books herself.
Natalie a true believer of all things supernatural, and hope that one day, she'll have the pleasure of meeting one.
She lives with her partner, and muse, Reece and her little zoo which consists of an army of hamsters, two rats, four guinea pigs and a hyperactive chinchilla called, Hektor.

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