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The Unraveling of Avery Snow Book Tour/ Review on book one and Giveaway!

I know this tour is for The Unraveling of Avery Snow (Book 2 in the Past Lives Series), however I had yet to read and review The Many Lives of Avery Snow, therefore you are getting that review in it's place for now. I will be making a second post during this tour with my review of book 2! Hey, this works in an advantage to those whom have not found her first book though! Right?! Well, here we go!

Avery Snow led a boring, no thrills life. After her father left the family when she was young, Avery's mother died when she was only twelve, leaving her all alone except for her Aunt Paulina. Now, at twenty-six, Avery is very used to being lonely. She enjoys her job at Sunrise Estates, it's the one place where she doesn't feel left out. Her boss, Kerri, is her best friend and Lucy O'Shea, a resident at the home, is a good friend to her as well. The night Lucy dies in Avery's arms she delivers a haunting message to Avery. She tells her that there is a man looking for her from a past life. And he will stop at nothing to have her. Now Avery is unable sleep for more than a few hours, her dreams are keeping her awake. She is too terrified to sleep for the dreams are too vivid and too real. The only catch? She cannot remember what they are about. Until her Spirit Guide, Ianni, comes to help. Ianni shows Avery her past lives and tells her about the man who is stalking her soul. Now Avery remembers every life she has ever lived and she remembers the man she shared them with. He will not give up until she falls in love with him. The problem is Avery is in love with someone else. Ianni must help keep Avery from making the wrong choice. One her soul doesn't want. She also must keep her safe from the Dark Guides who are after Avery. Now Avery must make choices she never has before. This once lonely girl is now surrounded by Spirit Guides, psychics, Demonic Angels and two men fighting for her love. Do you believe in reincarnation and a love that can last lifetimes?

:::::::::My Review::::::::
Those of you who frequent my blog reviews know that I am an avid fan of book covers. The Many Lives of Avery Snow use to have a different cover than what it holds now. The previous cover was pretty, however this new cover is way better! Much more elegant and charming! Gorgeous! Very good move, Christy!

Avery, this poor girl! One day she's just a fairly normal girl...(what's normal anyhow) living her life as best as she can. Single, her mom passed on and her father, dead to her. She has one real friend and a job she loves. Then next thing she knows she has not one but TWO men after her heart! One she's known on a personal level (serious crush factor over this bartender hottie), and another whom she just met on the side of the road (literally) by fate whom she feels so deeply connected to that her head spins. Sleepless nights, waking up with dread and drenched in sweat(in the couple hours she does manage), seeing Angels....Oh, yeah....Angels. Good and bad. I can't even begin to fathom how Avery manages it all without losing her mind or her soul......then again......maybe she does do just that.
My only complaint on this book was I felt conversations were rushed in the story and sentences kind of feeling like they were running together, however, this was a break out novel for author Christy Sloat and I know first hand her newer books are not like that. I really did like this story line. It has a lot of future possibilities and I plan to continue on with reading book two! The ending of book one leaves you no other choice! Will she continue to hold on to her soul (she's battled once already), will she make the ultimate choice of her men (the one who's followed her through lifetimes and her internal soul knows, or the one whom she fell in love with THIS lifetime) <<-----once you read The Many Lives of Avery Snow, you will understand this more *snickers, see you need to read it* One of the characters in this novel loses their memories and I'm itching to those memories come back? Will He/She acknowledge them? Agh!!!!!!! I don't know what else to say. Angels, watchers, guides and soul mates oh my! No matter what Avery chooses, she will alter someones life in a dramatic life changing way....again.... causing The Unraveling of Avery Snow...(maybe this is the reason for the title of book 2?) We shall see!!!!!

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Book 2 Review~Coming Soon

As Avery Snow settles into her life and relationships with those around her, she fights to forget her past lives. All of which she spent with Landon, who still has no recollection of who she really is. It seems better that way. Even though she still feels a draw to his soul, she chooses to ignore it.

For now everything is fine. Her boyfriend, Dallas, has opened a new restaurant. Her friends, Ianni and Kerri, are settling into their lives as well. But when news of a new Dark Guide is revealed, Avery is forced to start thinking about the life she truly leads. One that is very abnormal. One she is desperate to forget. This Dark Guide is determined to make Avery pay for the death of someone she held dear.

Now Avery’s life has gone from seemingly perfect to falling apart. What will be at stake next? Her life? Her love? And who will be there in the end to help her up off the ground? 

Even the strongest love can unravel. 

Will Avery be able to hold it all together, or will she just let go?


                                                   Christy Sloat is a SoCal born girl who 

  resides in New Jersey currently with her husband, two daughters and Sophie her 
  Chihuahua. Christy has embraced the love of reading and writing since her youth 
  and was inspired by her grandmother’s loving support. Christy passes that love 
  of reading, writing, and creativity to her daughters, family, and friends. When 
  you do not find Christy within the pages of a book you can find her being 
mommy,  wife, crafter, and dear friend. She loves adventurous journeys with her 
friends  and can be known to get lost inside a bookstore. Be sure to venture 
into her  Past Lives Series, The Visitor’s Series, and watch for many more 
exciting things  to come. 
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