Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My review on The Conduit by Stacey Rourke

Celeste, Gabe and Kendall, three siblings whom have completely different personalities! Three things these siblings have in common? D.N.A, the loss of their father and a destiny soon to unfold  which they never would of even dreamed of!

 After a series of home evasions the siblings moved from their homes in Michigan to live with their grams in Gainesboro, Tennessee. The move is only the beginning of their adventures to come! The trio comes head on with their destiny, learning they have a guide ( don't we all wish we had one of those), that they are chosen to fight and defend the world due to a vow made by their ancestors long ago and that mythical creatures like a Gryphon and Dragon are real! Each must learn how to unlock their inner powers becoming their destiny's as Protector, Guardian and Conduit! If they don't, the world is in serious trouble!

                                           My Review
This book was so much fun to read! I absolutely adored the humor that kept itself present through the entire read! You really feel like you are right there with Celeste enduring  the sibling bantering and can't help but cheer her on with her witty thoughts and responses! I, by nature am a very sarcastic person so this read just felt perfect for me! The humor of Celeste was not all! Trust me everyone of the siblings, including grams will make you laugh quite a few times! Put all the humor aside, you have evil ex soldiers whom turn into dragons, his soldiers whom turn into panthers and mythical creatures like guides and a Gryphon! So, curl up in bed or on the couch (maybe not at work, you may get busted for laughing to much) and enjoy the book!  You will be left wanting more and lucky for you book two, Embrace will be released June 1,2012! Don't wait to long or you will be left wondering what everyone else is raving about! 5 Stars!

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Stacey Rourke is the author of the humorous, action-packed Gryphon Series. The series begins with The Conduit, available now, and continues with Embrace this summer. She lives in Michigan with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and two giant, drooly dogs. Currently she is hard at work with next Gryphon Series novel as well as other literary projects.

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